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Andrew Mowat

Mowat of Hugoland
This branch includes Mowats on Shetland and in Norway.

I Bartholomew Mowat. Probably the ancestor of this family. He is not mentioned in any contemporary
sources and therefore probably died young. 
There is no doubt that his son, Andrew, was a close relative to the Balquholly family,
 and Bartholomew therefore probably was a younger son of Magnus of Balquholly.
 He married Barbara Sinclair, who neither is mentioned in any contemporary sources.
 But Andrew Mowat's coat of arms shows that his mother was probably a Sinclair. Children: 
1. Andrew, see II. 
2. Possibly: Agnes, married before 15681 Bartholomew Strang of Voisgarth, who died between 1588 and 15909. 
II Andrew Mowat, of Assetter3, of Hugoland4 (both in Northmavine, Shetland). Probably born around 1535. 
Underfoud in Northmavine in 1589 (or perhaps it was his son John).11 Died 1610/11.17 Married 1st before 25 September 1558 Ursula Tulloch5,
 daughter of William Tulloch of Skea6 and probably Barbara Thomasdaughter7. Ursula died before 1587.10 Married 2nd shortly after 1587 Else Tronds,
 daughter of the Norwegian admiral Christoffer Trondsen and Karen Knutsdaughter Schanke. After his second marriage he stayed in Norway in periods.
 The first years he stayed in Gjersvik (Tysnes, Norway), later at Hovland (also in Tysnes).
 But he always named himself "of Hugoland", even when he stayed in Norway.12
Children by Ursula Tulloch: 
 John, see III.8 
2. Malcolm.8 
3. Patrick.8 
4. Gilbert, ancestor of the Garth family. 
5. James of Ure, of Burrafirth16. Most likely born after 1577.19 Married Agnes Pitcairn, daughter of Mr James Pitcairn, minister of Northmaven.
a.. Gilbert, client of James Mowat in Paris. Married Margaret Forbes. He was a secretary to the Earl of Middleton and later to George, 
Marquis of Huntly from Whit 1662 to Whit 1663. 
6. Possibly: Barbara, married Edward Sinclair of Scalloway.18 
7. Possibly: Catherine, married John Neven of Scousburgh, and was probably mother to his son Ninian. She died after 1610.21 
Children by Else Tronds: 
8. Axel, of Hovland (in Tysnes, Norway).22 Born 1592. He was already in 1628 a captain in the Danish-Norwegian navy. 
In 1631 he became vice-admiral. Because of illness he had to leave the navy. The rest of his life he lived at Hovland 
and became on of the greatest Norwegian landowners. 
His lands later was converted into the barony of Rosendal - the only Norwegian barony ever. He married around 1625 Karen Bildt, 
daughter of Knut Bildt of Morland and Lungegård and Sidsel Brun. Axel died 27. January 1661. His wife died 1662 in Bergen.
 They are buried in the burial chapel by the church in Rosendal.
a. Axel. Naval officer. He was killed in a duel with his relative Lauritz Galtung of Torsnes in 1643. 
b.  Karen Mowat. Born around 1630. She married around 1658 Ludvig Rosenkrantz, later baron of Rosendal, and had issue, now extinct.
 Karren died in 1675 in Christiania (now Oslo). 
Natural son by Margrethe Eriksdaughter (daughter of Erik Jonsson of Brandvik and Susanne Pedersdaughter): 
c.  Anders Axelsen Helvik, ancestor of the Helvik-family. 
9. Christoffer.23 Danish-Norwegian naval officer. He died 1628. 
10. Karen.24 She married admiral Erik Orning of Vatne and had issue. 
Natural child: 
11. Berald (Bartholomew)15, of Collafirth. Born around 1554.
a. Malcolm, of Collafirth. Born around 1590. He may have been the father of
1) James, of Collafirth, father of
a) Ursilla, married Laurence Tarrel of Voe, who died in 1715. 
III John Mowat, of Ollaberry (while his father lived)14, of Hugoland20. Died in August 1617. Married before 159713 Christian Stewart, 
natural daughter of Robert, Earl of Orkney.
1. Andrew, see IV.25 
2. John.26 
3. Jean, married David Heart, sheriff-clerk of Orkney and Shetland. 
4. Catherine, married Hugh Sinclair in Damsay, Orkney. 
IV Andrew Mowat, of Hugoland, of Skea. Born around 1596. Married Grizel Pitcairn, daughter of Mr James Pitcairn, 
minister of Northmavine, and Ursula Sinclair.
1. Isabel, married Ninian Neven of Scousburgh. 

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